This project was created for one wonderful family with two young kids. The 800 m2 garden belongs to the paired house, which the clients share with neighbours. We wanted to create a private space, where there will be place for both children and adults. Design was created as minimalist and functional as possible. The garden was divided into green rooms and certain areas. For children we created a separate green room with a swing, a two-story house and a sandbox, we placed it at the farthest point from the house, but from the window children are perfectly visible. Next to the children’s playroom there was another room with labyrinths made of bushes and a spacious deck in the center, in the middle of which will grow red maple, under the shade of which you can sit and lie down. The main window of the house with a terrace has a spacious lawn with sculpture and symmetrical composition of plants. Also in this garden we managed to place a patio with the dining area and a fireplace and a fruit and berry garden!